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Bikes. Nature. Travel. Backpacking.

Really wishing I was outside, and near the mountains, and camping, and just anywhere but here.

— 9 months ago
Break has officially started #fireplace #harrypotter #timetorelax

Break has officially started #fireplace #harrypotter #timetorelax

— 9 months ago
#timetorelax  #fireplace  #harrypotter 

So happy that one of my tumblr friends just recently got accepted to my University’s graduate program!! ahhhhhh :)

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Why Prairies Matter and Lawns Don’t

by Jameson Krumpler

Prairies – those critically endangered and complex ecosystems understood by few and misunderstood and destroyed by millions of people.

Lawns – those myopically obsessive (and evil) urban, suburban, and increasingly rural monoculture eyesores that displace native ecosystems at a rate of 5,000 acres per day in favor of sterile, chemically-filled, artificial environments bloated with a tremendous European influence that provide no benefits over the long term; no food, no clean water, no wildlife habitat, and no foundation for preserving our once rich natural heritage.

As one internet commenter named Carrie eloquently said, “as a nation, we have far too much lawn doing far too little for us.”

How much lawn is too much?  41 million acres.  That figure makes lawn the most widespread plant under irrigation in the contiguous US.  Three times more acreage is covered in lawn than in corn.  All of that once precious water used on those 41 million acres of ridiculous, non-native turfgrass to keep it unnaturally green – how can people be so blind?

Lawns, along with row-crop farms, “improved” grazing pastures, and urbanization, are some of the biggest negative land conversions of native landscapes, and are direct contributors to the destruction of wildlife and native plant habitats throughout the world.  As native landscapes disappear, wildlife disappears, and important ecological processes that insure outcomes such as clean drinking water, climate change buffers, and flood control also disappear.  The future of mankind depends heavily upon the health of native landscapes…

(read more: The Roaming Ecologist)

images: J. Krumpler; Allen Scott Walker; pschemp | Wikipedia

<click chart to see larger>

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My brain has officially turned off…to bad I still have a practical lab exam to take tomorrow -_-

— 9 months ago
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I was asked to share 5 things about myself so…

I don’t usually do these, but I’m trying to avoid studying for my quiz tomorrow so here it is 

1) I seriously can’t wait to be done with school forever…only 6 more months!

2) Also only 6 more months until I get to see the love of my life once again 

3) I’ve been thinking about backpacking the Appalachian Trail after graduation and before finding a real job

4) This blog was originally about biking, but I stopped mostly because I got busy and moved far from the bike trails. I do want to start biking again tho.

5) I’m 100% bilingual (English and Spanish)

— 9 months ago

I finally got to talk to my love today :) It’s always so nice to hear his voice. 

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A small rant…

I haven’t heard from you in about 3 days. You’ve gotten my texts before, you’ve been able to get online and you said you were going to call me and you didn’t. I’m a little disappointed and I’m also worried about you. I hate not knowing what’s going on and I hate not talking to you. I miss you, and I just want to know if you miss me back.  

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Just because we don’t talk doesn’t mean I don’t think about you.


Just because we don’t talk doesn’t mean I don’t think about you.

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Pace corp is not forever. Peace corp is not forever. Peace corp is not forever.

— 9 months ago
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Seriously grandma…?

Well my grandma doesn’t think my boyfriend and I are going to make it, she also doesn’t like the idea of me visiting him this summer or ever for that matter. 

Why must my family be so goddamn conservative? 

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