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Getting on tumblr just makes me miss my boyfriend….so see ya later tum

— 1 week ago

In two months I’ll be getting on a plane which will take me to my best friend!!!!
Im soooo excited :D

— 1 month ago
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Oh he’s also going to Tamale this weekend for some work stuff….I thought we would be able to video chat, but he is not going to take his computer, instead he is going to get drunk with his friends. 

— 1 month ago
Just need to vent

So for the past two weeks communication with Ryan has been rather difficult. The power in his village has been going out almost every day so he usually only gets on to tell me he wont be able to talk because he doesn’t want his computer to die in  case he has an emergency and has to get a hold of someone. 

However to me this sounds like an excuse not to sit in his hot room and chat with me. He also doesn’t get up as early anymore, so we don’t chat like we used to. When he does get on to chat I’m usually at work so I can’t respond right away and he gets off. He doesn’t say anything cute or charming he just says “hey are you around?” If i don’t respond that’s the end of it. If I do we’ll have what you call small talk, nothing personal or relationship-ish or anything like that followed by a rushed goodbye. 

So lately when we do chat it turns into a fight…I’m usually just angry that he hasn’t tried to woo me or at least treat me like his girlfriend at all, but then again how can he if he’s 3000 miles away. Maybe I’m just expecting too much out of him, I just don’t know. 

— 1 month ago
Trying to write a paper but there’s a dog on my lap! 

Trying to write a paper but there’s a dog on my lap! 

— 1 month ago

Trying to write this paper that’s due today at 11, that I should have done yesterday but we had an early out and I spent the afternoon being lazy watching netflix and not studying. So naturally instead of writing my paper I’m on tumblr.

— 1 month ago

You guys I just bought my plane ticket to Ghana to finally visit/see Ryan again!!!!!

— 2 months ago with 1 note
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I’m presenting my research (yet again!) in April!!! gahhhhh

Is this real life?

— 3 months ago with 1 note
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Just read an email from my boyfriend…and it looks like he’s having some health problems, and of course I just imagine the worst possible scenario for everything and it just sucks that i can’t do anything…I’m no doctor but if he was here I could at least make him soup or try to make him feel better by telling him dumb jokes or something I feel so useless right now. 

I’m just hoping our schedules line up soon (its been a week since we’ve been able to facebook chat). 

Fingers crossed

— 3 months ago
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Was able to video chat with Ryan for three hours yesterday!!!! 

Ahhh I love that kid so much…the physical distance is not too bad anymore and I have learned to love the little things, like our facebook chats and occational texts. I hope this feeling keeps me positive and we can continue to grow as a couple in spite of the thousands of miles and stand between us. 

OK, back to studying!! 

— 4 months ago with 2 notes
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