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I miss you, and that I just can’t deny 

— 1 month ago
#ldr  #IloveyouandImissyou 

Selling my bike..and it makes me sad 

— 1 month ago
At lambeau stadium

At lambeau stadium

— 2 months ago
Last night in cedar falls with my bestie :)

Last night in cedar falls with my bestie :)

— 2 months ago

Engagement season is in full swing! ! 4 of my friends got engaged these past few weeks
Let the bachellorette parties begin!

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I’m moving to Houston at the end of fucking July!!! Holy freaking fucks! 

— 4 months ago

It’s hard to believe your relationship is strong enough, when nobody around you seems to support it

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Done with finals!!!!

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Lonesome George (c. 1912 - June 24, 2012) was the last Pinta Island Tortoise in existence. His subspecies was wiped out by invasive feral goats who devastated the native vegetation, leaving nothing for the tortoises to feed on. Found to be the only survivor of his kind, he was relocated from his native island in 1971 to the Charles Darwin Research Station on Santa Cruz Island where he stayed until he died of old age in 2012.

From David Attenborough’s encounter with Lonesome George in Life in Cold Blood.

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